Project #1 – The resolution Project

This is an example of my big mouth, not thinking things through and raw ambition.

It all started in the days leading up to New Year’s Eve – I had NO intention of making any resolutions. None! And then I blurted out at a social gathering that 2010 would see me buying NO clothes (except the perfect black cardigan – Should it suddenly appear).

HA! This is the same trip-switch that also sees me agreeing to too many things and becoming “overcommitted”.

So here I am in February 2010 and I am having shopping Pangs. I don’t usually buy a lot, but the fact that I canot buy? It makes me dream of sale racks. And Vogue. And Harper’s. Winter 2010 actually looks very my style, perhaps my wallet will be happier?

So here I am sewing – trying my best to increase my wardrobe the old fashioned way!

It is utterly enjoyable piecing a garment together…. I haven’t managed to fully complete 1 yet – hems, trimmings and what have you…. but I will. I will triumph in 2010.


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