She’s here.

I promised my son a kitty cat.

Error! We came to a deadline, which was yesterday.

We had a huge criteria:

  • Not a kitten
  • Preferably big
  • must like children
  • Must not be a hunter
  • Must love cuddles
  • Gets along with dogs
  • Must not eat Big Bird
  • Must be a lap cat

You can see where this is headed, yes?

This is Dot.

Dot, meet the blogerverse.

Dot is 18 months old, the size of a 7- 8 month old kitten (bonsai kitty!), cuddly, fascinated by big bird and terrifying to the dog. She has a preference for adults, loves sleeping on the bed and we are completely unsure about where she is toileting….

She was found at the RSPCA at Fairfield and I’m wondering why everyone doesn’t adopt from shelters. With her adoption fee, we recieved a massive bag of premium cat food, behavioural advice contact numbers, pet insurance for 1 month, her de-sexing, first round  of vaccinations, flea treatment and worming! The best bit, though, is knowing that she won’t be “put to sleep” and that there’s another cat who can take her place in the queue to be adopted.

We love her so, very, very, very much already and are loving finding all of her quirks. We are optimistic that the 4am wake up was just because she had such a big day yesterday.

Welcome to the family, Dot.


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