“I want to live before I die” – Amanda Palmer

I went to the concert, Miss Amanda Palmer with 200 of her fans in Bangalow, Northern New South Wales on Monday Night. And I fell in love with this song 🙂

(Ummm, that would be my poor video recording skills from the flip…! Sorry!!!!)

Awesome gig, and I love, love, love this song. This sums up so many of my feelings!

The evening started crazily, I picked up my friends, Sarah and Max, on time, with a flurry of last minute activity. We drove to Stapylton, did the fuelling up, and pushed on through to Bangalow. In the car I received a huuuuuuge amount of flack for wanting to be early with the mantra that “fire, flood, famine or paranoia” could set in and prevent us from making it on time.


We rolled into the grounds of the amazing A + I Hall, to the sounds of Miss Palmer playing. I don’t like to gloat, but….. it is good that we didn’t stop for that ice block!

Incredible gig… Miss Amanda Palmer was stunning…

And then we hung out with some hard core fans (you know who you are!!!!) and jettisoned to Byron Bay, which was lively, to say the least.  We played on Watego’s beach until certain members of our company suggested they were tired…. whereupon we hurried to our accommodation in Pottsville. The place was cheap and we stayed there all of 8 hours – they had their roof cleaned that morning. Using a crane. Outside our door. We meandered up to Cabarita where this greeted us:

Perfection. Can you imagine a better way to start the day? I’ll give you some thinking time.

Nope? I can’t, either. It was beautiful and blissful. Breakfast was lovely and then we set off on our final adventure – home.


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