The way my life works

My life feels perfectly dull and boring from the inside, yet from the outside, I have a theory that sometimes, it isn’t as dull as I believe.

Take today as an example.

Today came about because of a conversation with my drama teacher two weeks ago.

Me: So, the boy has been complaining about not going to the theatre for a while now, do you recommend anything out at the moment?

Her: Oh! Where did I leave my bag?

Me: Um…..

Her: Here it is. You know, a horrible thing happens when you get old – you never can remember where you leave things. Just start reading that lesson plan there.

Me: **reading aloud**

Her: Poring through her bag. Pulls out her purse. Opens her purse pulls out a plethora of cards, receipts, cash, coins, notes, pictures and systematically goes through them.

Me: **smiling, continues to read**

Her: Here it is! This is a ticket that my friend Mrs. Red gave to me. She can’t make it on this day, but wanted me to find someone who could take it.

Me: Is that the one with the depressed dog?

Her: No, her dog died and she’s depressed over it.

No joke. This conversation happened.

And then I wound up going to a show about an existential crisis, of sorts.

I’m sure there is a message here. I’m still decoding, but I know it’s in there.


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