Tokyo Love, California Dreaming and Today

Today, April 24, according to SARK (in Living Juicy – Daily Morsels For your creative Soul):

Adventures are Nourishment for our Souls. Our souls like variety. I think that souls smile at adventure. Study adventure and its effects on your soul. Try this: create an adventure… What will your adventure be?

My soul, it is craving a little bit of adventure.

And then I tuned into The Sartorialist and fell in love with Tokyo.

And then Fashion Hayley and fell even further in love with Tokyo.

And then I opened up The Australian Magazine – to read a column about Tokyo.

Of course, this is all ridiculously coincidental.

I do this every year – the poignant combination of ageing a year, Autumn descending and being mid way through semester is a hard thing to swallow. And look, Tokyo has Cherry blossoms! Fashion Festivals! Spring! Who wouldn’t want to go?

So I sit and I wait. Mercury is in Retrograde and the advice is not to do anything rash, just sit and wait. Wait and sit. Does anything actually get achieved by doing that?

I don’t want to sit and wait.

I don’t want to be patient.

I want to do the things I want to do, NOW.

So it would appear that my adventure for the moment is going to be parenting in the suburbs in an as normal situation as you can get. My challenge will be to make it a creative adventure for all, while I continue to dream. My soul will be nourished by the adventure of not getting down about some of the things around me that aren’t 100% (or even 10% for that matter).

(also, I am reasonably sure that our Burning Man tickets will be going on sale soon. Oh!)


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