27 lessons I learned at 27

27 has been a big year for me – learning lessons wise. I have become happier, fatter and poorer, but a little bit wiser, too.

The things that I have learnt (in no particular order) are that:

  1. I cannot control the actions of the people around me
  2. Wishing for change will not bring it
  3. The more I try to be perfect, the more I limit myself
  4. When I take on too many projects, what I am saying is that it is okay to fail because I have spread myself too thin
  5. Friendship comes from the most unlikely of places, when you least expect it
  6. I can control how I think about situations, events and people
  7. Reserving judgement is a powerful tool
  8. No-one judges myself as harshly as I do
  9. It’s okay to not be happy all the time
  10. “This too shall pass”
  11. The more you try to hold onto something, the faster it goes. Why? Because you are no longer holding onto the moment, but what you perceive to be the moment
  12. Fear is what holds me back
  13. There is no point in trying to be someone else – I have all the qualifications I need to be myself
  14. Saying “I’m sorry” can be two of the hardest words to say
  15. Sarcasm doesn’t really achieve much
  16. Experiences are worth more than things
  17. Raising a child can be hard work
  18. Being “grown-up” is not liking doing some things, but still knowing you have to do them
  19. Waiting for someone to instinctively know what you need is mildly silly. How can anyone read your mind?
  20. You can give advice freely, but don’t be upset if it isn’t taken
  21. You can only claim a stake in what you achieve, otherwise you’re not living your own life
  22. If I can ever make another decision, I would, but with the information I have at the time, I make the best decisions that I can.
  23. Sharing another person’s joy, is one of the greatest things you can share. If you can assist them when things aren’t joyful, that is even better.
  24. Putting on loud, happy music is one of the best ways to defeat the icky, yucky, pervasive feelings.
  25. Lying to yourself hurts you, and those around you, at some point
  26. Sometimes, walking away is the most powerful decision you can make
  27. Happiness is a choice

So tomorrow, I will wake up 28. And I’m okay with that.


4 thoughts on “27 lessons I learned at 27

  1. Oh, what a fabulously perfect list! I’m ever-so-glad that you are part of my world. Wishing you the happiest of happy birthdays gorgeous girl ♥

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