The amazing things that people do with their bodies

(A night under the mirrorball never hurts….)

Okay, hello! Still here, still haven’t decided what colour to dye my hair… still plugging away at assignments.

But! I had enough time to go to a real theatre and see real cabaret and circus – yes! On Saturday night (whoa, last night!) the boy shuffled off to his Grandmama’s house while his papa and I went out to see Briefs. Briefs is a Brisbane boy circus troupe who are phenomenal, large and in charge. I am in love!

Now, I reckon that these boys are beautiful and am astounded at their feats, the final (third) image, if viewed at work, could be a little awkward. In my defense, the lighting made it look like they had no clothes on when, in reality, they had far too many on 😉

This guy was an incredible aerialist… just incredible! And his tattoos were beyond brilliant… I missed him in action on both points as I was gasping for breath… He is a Samoan man and recently was granted a monumental Chief name. His tattoos are intricate and ceremonial…. I am in awe.

A little dark – sorry about that! This is Davy… I have seen him in so many Brisbane circus shows and he is memorable for such a huge variety of reasons… he is a brilliant all-around circus performer with a gorgeous sense of humour. This is him spinning 12 plates at one time…

Now this is the kitten that might not be safe for work… but they are wearing clothes (and it is totally worth the jump)

One Man, on two poles, holding up two men with his arms (you know himself and the other dude). Just incredible!

Thank-you boys from briefs – we’ll see you around next time!


These Southern Winds

Bring Change.

Some changes are good. I want to change my hair colour (I think a chocolate brown would be appropriate… consider it done). I want to go overseas. I want to move onto a different stage of my life.

I hear a lot of I wants there.

I have what I need. While I have this, I have everything I could possibly ever truly want.

There are the sundries, that when you add them up seem to make life perfect. Would my life be perfect if I had everything I wanted? No. Never. Couldn’t, because then I would simply want more. different. better.

I must learn to appreciate all that I have. Yet, sometimes, I am scared to do that because I fear that it if I truly acknowledge what I have it will all be taken away from me.

Balance. Harmony.

Fear Less, Love More.

(more love, always, more love)

The Terrarium

We had dinner with one of the boy’s godmothers, just before Christmas and she was relating the trouble she had had in finding moss for her terrarium. Well, little did she know, but she had inspired the spouse to collect his own and begin a terrarium.

Sphagnum Moss, Potting Mix, A fern or two and some moss equals:

Our Terrarium.

She lives in our room with some cling wrap on top and remains moist all the time. I think it’s been set up for a few months now and it really has been easy gardening 🙂

For more inspiration, I recommend checking out Design Sponge and Steph Goralnick’s Terrarium Project!

Come, sit a while and I shall tell you about my life

I have an extra hour and a half this morning that was presented to me as a gift from the Universe. My mantra to the Universe before bed was to “please, please, please help me find my way out of this massive hole I have dug myself”. Eh, don’t hate, it’s just a very crazy period in my life. And then today, a projector blew its bulb and the lecture was cancelled. Thank-you Universe!

On Thursday, I have my theory exam for teaching drama through the AMEB syllabus – I am, mildly, terrified. I have done no where near the amount of work that I need to do in order to pass. My phonetics are hideous (and I keep trying to forget that I failed that section in 2009, when I did my CDPA), but thankfully they only count for 10% of the grade. The other 10% that used to be phonetics in previous exams – how to deal with speech issues. Blergh. Never fear, on Thursday it will be over and I can start on the really, really, really fun stuff – my Prac. I’m going to do two 19th century programs filled with my favourite playwrights (including Strindberg!), prose (Hell-lllo Alice in Wonderland!) and find some poetry that talks to my soul. I just have to get over this little hurdle thing.

In the mean time, I am still doing my Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology – 2 subjects. One is as boring as Dog poo and the other is fascinating. Both a high level of work and I feel like I am sinking. Only a few weeks to go and then that chapter is closed for a month – holidays will mean sewing, a new website or three and editing a ton of photos from my brother in law’s wedding blessing, a friend letting me borrow her children and from my life. I might even print some!

July will signify the beginning of three new Psychology subjects that seem beautiful, some of my favourite topics. I will also be taking a new photography class that lasts for four weeks. My drama prac is pencilled in for October… and I think that might be it? I was due to go to Burning man in August, but, life sometimes just gets in the way. Barring a monumental amount of money pouring through the ceiling and time managing to bend itself, my little family and I are grounded in Brisbane for the moment!

Add to all this – I just read that I will be missing my son’s cross country as I will be sitting in a three hour exam on the other side of town. Wow. First time for everything, I suppose.

And I haven’t added the fun stuff! I have a photography class meet-up, two 30th birthday parties, one 28th, a friend finishing up work, two shows to see, a Godson visiting, two psych exams, one assignment and all the usual suspects to attend to! I’m weary typing all this – in fact, at 9:16 am – it’s time for my nanna nap.

Also, Rainbow cakes are so TOTALLY on my horizon at the moment. Maybe at the end of this crazy period, yes?

So that’s me. If I’m not around as much as usual – it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It just means that I need to get through this next little passage of time as best I can. I can do this and I need to do this well.


Inspiration Vault

(Park by Cigler Marani Architects)

Welcome to:

The Inspiration Vault

Where I trawl the web for things I like, things that inspire me and so forth and so on! Hoorar!

Pacing the Panic Room’s Walk to 40 Weeks is at Week 38… The gorgeous Mama to be looks ready…. Ryan did an amazing series with his wife – start HERE for the beginning. Read through – so gorgeous!

My life at the moment seems to be about choices – I use that word all the time. I stumbled across this little gem about having two awesome opportunities by the fantastic John Halcyon Styn.

A Man, 40 Hours and 100,000 staples in Ephemicropolis:



Things I have seen at Uni this week

I am a long-term uni student, starting in 2000 and with only 2 semesters off since then – one to give birth and the other to attempt working. In my time I have been on three campuses and experienced some of the most incredible things. It makes me so sad that this is some of the joy I have had this week:

1) Sitting in a computer lab, I heard a muttering. It was the girl next to me reading a novel and pointing to each word quickly and saying it. It sounded like a low level hiss.

2) Having a possum trapped in the roof above my head in the same computer lab

3) Listening to a group member today. She’s 19 and can’t wait to get out of uni so life can really begin – with her career. This has made me so sad, unbelievably sad. Uni was where I found my niche in the world at that age – I met so many awesome kids. The spouse and I met at Uni, the son’s godfathers are uni veterans… I can’t ever imagine having gone to uni at 18 and not walking out with a friend. She’s been on campus for two years and still hasn’t made friends.

4) People bemoaning stats. USING A COMPUTER. Gosh kiddlies, we deal in studies. It’s not completely unreasonable that we know how to run numbers through a machine!

I think that’s it. I’m at that point of the semester where survival is the priority. I’m knee deep in assessment and drama theory…. but the best bit is knowing that I have only a few weeks left, then my first semester of this course will be done! Just keep swimming, Just keep Swimming….

Upside Down in a Yoga Pose, enlightened.

(somewhere, there’s a star in everyone)

In a hot yoga class over a year ago, I had the most amazing feeling envelop me. No, not the sweat, but the single most pure and cleansing sense of being ever. My mind was completely clear for all of about 10 seconds and there was this sense that I could achieve anything. For the record, it was in a series of positions that I find challenging, moving from Downward Dog to Warrior I.

In my two years of yoga I have never experienced anything like that moment. I haven’t been practising Yoga for about… six months now. It’s time to start again… now that it’s cold.

What sparked all this was a comment I was reading about Haruki Murakami – Google him. If you haven’t read “The wind-up Bird chronicles” You may be missing one of the oddest, most surreal and beautiful pieces of writings I have ever encountered. He apparently owes everything to baseball – he had one of those sensations, too. It’s this feeling that all of a sudden you know you are going to do something, that you cannot fail, because it is already a done deal that you will succeed.

Today, I need that. There is a list of projects that I am doing half heartedly, people that I want in my life more, things I want to do. I need to be strong, I need to know I can do this.