How to clear a Dance Floor and find out how much a Boy loves You

Last night – wiskedly and delightfully fun.

Picture this: a Riverside Reception venue filled with Catwoman, Frankenfurter, Indiana Jones, The Queen…. It was a flashback to the 80’s. Me, I was dressed as a character from Happy Days (it was filmed in the 80’s!!!!!!) and felt so conservative! I danced – heaps. The Spousie danced with me – legend that he is. The boy was at Grandma’s house for a sleep over (first. time. ever.) and we were free to do as we chose and sleep in!!!!

So, first things first:

The crowd on the dancefloor. To celebrate this man:

Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones is another Taurean (fabulous people, those) with one of the hardest, most difficult shells to crack of anyone I have ever met. He’s warm, caring, gregarious, shrewd, quiet – a world of opposites. I’ve known him since I was very, very small through the umbrella of friendship from a good family friend (who, I do believe it is wrong to refer to as this. Non-biological family is a more apt term). I’ve spent almost every Christmas with him since I was 10, he was at my 21st and pops up for the odd day here or there. This event was equivalent to his wedding. He is unmarried, child-free, mortgage free and happy with all of those things. He reminded me of something so very simple last night, that you’re never too old to have fun.

So. He made us dance. And Dance. I was waiting ever so patiently for one song to come on:

THE SONG that defines the 80’s for me. So simple, so fun, so challenging to dance to that it clears the floor in moments. So when I heard the first chords start, I ran onto the dancefloor and everyone else left. It was just me. ZOMG! Then the spouse ran up to the dance floor and stuck it out for 3:39. That’s the proof (if I ever needed it) of how much this tall, beautiful boy, loves me.

From the photos that were taken, it would appear I dance with my arms. Luckily, I don’t give a damn. I had fun.


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