Upside Down in a Yoga Pose, enlightened.

(somewhere, there’s a star in everyone)

In a hot yoga class over a year ago, I had the most amazing feeling envelop me. No, not the sweat, but the single most pure and cleansing sense of being ever. My mind was completely clear for all of about 10 seconds and there was this sense that I could achieve anything. For the record, it was in a series of positions that I find challenging, moving from Downward Dog to Warrior I.

In my two years of yoga I have never experienced anything like that moment. I haven’t been practising Yoga for about… six months now. It’s time to start again… now that it’s cold.

What sparked all this was a comment I was reading about Haruki Murakami – Google him. If you haven’t read “The wind-up Bird chronicles” You may be missing one of the oddest, most surreal and beautiful pieces of writings I have ever encountered. He apparently owes everything to baseball – he had one of those sensations, too. It’s this feeling that all of a sudden you know you are going to do something, that you cannot fail, because it is already a done deal that you will succeed.

Today, I need that. There is a list of projects that I am doing half heartedly, people that I want in my life more, things I want to do. I need to be strong, I need to know I can do this.


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