Things I have seen at Uni this week

I am a long-term uni student, starting in 2000 and with only 2 semesters off since then – one to give birth and the other to attempt working. In my time I have been on three campuses and experienced some of the most incredible things. It makes me so sad that this is some of the joy I have had this week:

1) Sitting in a computer lab, I heard a muttering. It was the girl next to me reading a novel and pointing to each word quickly and saying it. It sounded like a low level hiss.

2) Having a possum trapped in the roof above my head in the same computer lab

3) Listening to a group member today. She’s 19 and can’t wait to get out of uni so life can really begin – with her career. This has made me so sad, unbelievably sad. Uni was where I found my niche in the world at that age – I met so many awesome kids. The spouse and I met at Uni, the son’s godfathers are uni veterans… I can’t ever imagine having gone to uni at 18 and not walking out with a friend. She’s been on campus for two years and still hasn’t made friends.

4) People bemoaning stats. USING A COMPUTER. Gosh kiddlies, we deal in studies. It’s not completely unreasonable that we know how to run numbers through a machine!

I think that’s it. I’m at that point of the semester where survival is the priority. I’m knee deep in assessment and drama theory…. but the best bit is knowing that I have only a few weeks left, then my first semester of this course will be done! Just keep swimming, Just keep Swimming….


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