The Terrarium

We had dinner with one of the boy’s godmothers, just before Christmas and she was relating the trouble she had had in finding moss for her terrarium. Well, little did she know, but she had inspired the spouse to collect his own and begin a terrarium.

Sphagnum Moss, Potting Mix, A fern or two and some moss equals:

Our Terrarium.

She lives in our room with some cling wrap on top and remains moist all the time. I think it’s been set up for a few months now and it really has been easy gardening 🙂

For more inspiration, I recommend checking out Design Sponge and Steph Goralnick’s Terrarium Project!


2 thoughts on “The Terrarium

  1. working on my own Terrarium. though its not going to be as modist as your cute little one.. so far, there are going to be 7 planters of diffrent sizes. a hot shelf with a undertank reptile heater on it, (for those days I turn off my heat and let the natrual heat, warm my house) Two vents, a semi water garden at the bottem, and a swinging door. im working on trying to get a waterfall placed properly. so I can have some beauty to it.

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