These Southern Winds

Bring Change.

Some changes are good. I want to change my hair colour (I think a chocolate brown would be appropriate… consider it done). I want to go overseas. I want to move onto a different stage of my life.

I hear a lot of I wants there.

I have what I need. While I have this, I have everything I could possibly ever truly want.

There are the sundries, that when you add them up seem to make life perfect. Would my life be perfect if I had everything I wanted? No. Never. Couldn’t, because then I would simply want more. different. better.

I must learn to appreciate all that I have. Yet, sometimes, I am scared to do that because I fear that it if I truly acknowledge what I have it will all be taken away from me.

Balance. Harmony.

Fear Less, Love More.

(more love, always, more love)


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