The amazing things that people do with their bodies

(A night under the mirrorball never hurts….)

Okay, hello! Still here, still haven’t decided what colour to dye my hair… still plugging away at assignments.

But! I had enough time to go to a real theatre and see real cabaret and circus – yes! On Saturday night (whoa, last night!) the boy shuffled off to his Grandmama’s house while his papa and I went out to see Briefs. Briefs is a Brisbane boy circus troupe who are phenomenal, large and in charge. I am in love!

Now, I reckon that these boys are beautiful and am astounded at their feats, the final (third) image, if viewed at work, could be a little awkward. In my defense, the lighting made it look like they had no clothes on when, in reality, they had far too many on 😉

This guy was an incredible aerialist… just incredible! And his tattoos were beyond brilliant… I missed him in action on both points as I was gasping for breath… He is a Samoan man and recently was granted a monumental Chief name. His tattoos are intricate and ceremonial…. I am in awe.

A little dark – sorry about that! This is Davy… I have seen him in so many Brisbane circus shows and he is memorable for such a huge variety of reasons… he is a brilliant all-around circus performer with a gorgeous sense of humour. This is him spinning 12 plates at one time…

Now this is the kitten that might not be safe for work… but they are wearing clothes (and it is totally worth the jump)

One Man, on two poles, holding up two men with his arms (you know himself and the other dude). Just incredible!

Thank-you boys from briefs – we’ll see you around next time!


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