On Just Being

I think there is a revolution occurring in some corners of the universe, who knows, maybe even this one. People actually are beginning to listen to the hyperbole and appreciate Just Being. Here are some beautiful posts from the Universe in the past few days that wholly back up my point:

  • Tara Whitney talking about herself on Wallflower Friends, Her Blog and Davina Fear’s blog this week. If you only click one – click on her blog and get lost for three or more hours.
  • Doctor Mama (my all time favourite blogger, maybe) has just gotten happy. Here is Ch-ch-changes Part One and Part Two. Totally worth a read.
  • Following your heart is a beautiful message from the amazing Deb Schwedhelm (Gosh, love, love, love her work! My friend Emily recently did one of her workshops – talk about envy!).

In the spirit of just being, of living in the moment and all beautiful cliches, I’m hanging out with a group of strangers tomorrow. Tomorrow I meet Marissa and Rikki and Sheye who I met a year ago online and a group of women they met in their evolve course (I’m doing mine in July). Tomorrow, there should be two more members to our party, but both of them have suffered loss in their networks of friends and family and need to be close to them at the moment. So, we’ll celebrate life. We’ll celebrate friendship. We’ll celebrate Just being.


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