Winter Harvest

Gardening is one of life’s (most complicated) pleasures.

When we plonked a couple of garden beds in the back yard, I had no idea just how complicated gardening truly is. The boys were procrastinating on a job that needed to be done on the house and built three lovely raised garden beds, threw some organic soil in and we stuck some seedlings in… I very quickly decided that tomatoes were what had stolen my heart. Getting a plant to survive the pets, the child, the weather and the bugs presented a massive challenge. Many visits to sites on the web have now got us 3 varieties of tomato:

Black Russian


Tommy Toes

And the harvest has begun in earnest.

I am not only harvesting tomatoes (which get snaffled up pretty quickly), cucumbers, radish, lettuce and capsicum… but sunshine, a walk into the garden, a breathing space and stress relief.  Gardening is awesome for those reasons and the fact that I feel such a sense of achievement everytime we use something from the garden. And it is a revolution, no carbon miles to my table. With the garden as it is, we are reasonably self sufficient in tomatoes all year round and bits and pieces in different seasons. I still have heaps and heaps and heaps to learn, but it’s so fun, it hardly feels like learning.


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