Need, want, must. Whatever.

I have so much to say.

I have a finite amount of time, apparently.

So I try to balance what I want to do with what I must do and with what I need to do.

And that’s how I get my existence.

I went to the beach on the weekend with two of my greatest accomplices in mischief – The boy and the Spouse.

And we hung out with my other three chief mischief makers, the littlest of whom is a hell-raiser, to say the least.

I needed to do that.

(Mischief maker extraordinaire)

I’m struggling to maintain my equilibrium after a tough week at Uni and some serious questioning as to whether Psychology is the right thing for me. I think it is… I’m reasonably sure it is… but one never knows. I’m wondering about some financial things – about how to secure my whole family’s future and achieve the goals that the spouse and I have worked out that are important to us without me having to cross the line into full time work.

So I study, I think, I try to figure things out.

Like I said, there’s the things I need to do, want to do and must do. Just trying to find the balance between them all, trying to find my existence.

It’s possible.


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