What Love is (to me. Today).

Love, to me, is appreciating someone for whatever they are and whoever they are. When I say I love you, I mean I love you for who you are. I will try not to change you or make you into a version of what I want you to be. Letting go of that control, for me, is an act of love. Love is easy, when you are with the right person. If love has you curled up on the bathroom floor on an almost daily basis, that isn’t love. That’s masochism.

(Love is a warm cat on a cold night)

Love is sharing another person’s highlights and being genuinely glad when they have success. Sometimes sharing success can be hard (hel-lo envy), yet when you love someone, you find a way around it and accept that things are the way they are. Love is not a competition. Love is sharing your best and worst traits, finding strength in another person when you cannot walk another step by yourself.

And when things are bad for the person you love, you try to find ways to alleviate it. Sometimes not crying is the way, sometimes being quiet is, sometimes looking for a solution is the magic that your loved one needs. Sometimes, they just need you to find the cat and wrangle her into the bedroom. But, ultimately, Love is Love.

I love Love.

I love my friends (and tell them sometimes 🙂 and my family and my spousie and my son and my puppy and my kitty and my birdy (oh Big Bird, how I do love thee!).

I love my life.


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