Momentous Day

I feel I would be terribly neglectful if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that Australia has a new female Prime Minister – the Honourable Julia Gillard.

As a woman whose politics reside comfortably on the side of left, I should be leaping for joy, yes? Instead, I am so saddened by how this happened. Disgusted, disappointed -> far too many disses. I’m rooting for Julia, though, as my greatest fear is living in an Australia with the man who says that sometimes he lies when things get heated up as the leader. In fact, we may or may not be coming up with an escape plan. South East Asia always beckons.

Moving on from the grubbiness, I found this poem this morning and just about fell in love with it on the spot. It’s from 1900 and by Alice Meynall.


I MUST not think of thee; and, tired yet strong,
I shun the love that lurks in all delight–
The love of thee–and in the blue heaven’s height,
And in the dearest passage of a song.
Oh, just beyond the sweetest thoughts that throng
This breast, the thought of thee waits hidden yet bright;
But it must never, never come in sight;
I must stop short of thee the whole day long.
But when sleep comes to close each difficult day,
When night gives pause to the long watch I keep,
And all my bonds I needs must loose apart,
Must doff my will as raiment laid away,–
With the first dream that comes with the first sleep
I run, I run, I am gather’d to thy heart.

And so with that, I go off to drama. I’m teaching this afternoon. And then I am aiming to have a romantic dinner with the boy who loves me best. And then we are going to see Hope Sandoval at a venue I have always wanted to go to.

How’s that for eclectic – moving from politics to country and western?


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