Ack. I love being able to do some of the things I do.

#16 on my 27 things I learned at 27 was – “That experiences are worth more than things”

So I keep jumping into gigs faster than I can blink. And theatre. And Dance. And. And. And.

Last night we went and saw Hope Sandoval play at the Tivoli. It was like anaesthetic for the soul. I walked out feeling amazing. Mick Turner of the Dirty Three was the act just before her – he played 4 songs in a 45 minute set and spoke about a sentence. It was transcendent. I laughingly said to the spouse that the real reason that it was an 18+ gig is because they felt the over 18’s could cope a little better with the anaesthetic effect. It was so deep. Beautiful music with beautiful images behind the artists… just time for the mind to wander, explore and enjoy.

We had great seats, then decided to play musical chairs, hanging out in general admission for a while and lounging on the balcony. These people stood up at the front of the balcony area and walked over to us and offered us their fabulous seats – the girl was explaining and then cut off mid sentence:


“Hi Michelle, how are you?”

It was a girl I went to school with. The spouse was impressed that I remembered her name, bless him! She was auditioning at 9pm and missed the gig, but caught the first support act – Dirty Blue Gene a/k/a the Warm inventions. We discusssed this briefly, then she meandered and spousie and I had awesome seats… beside us the photogs were aiming their cameras on stage. We weren’t allowed to take Sunshine in with us as the band was persnickety about flash. Not happy!

And then Hope came on. She spoke 7 words. “Hello” “Should I come back later” and “Thank-you”. Um. amazing. I think her voice is incredible. Her live voice? Puts every recording to shame. She played “Suzanne” and my bones were buzzing with the high notes.  Amazingly beautiful experience.

In the car to school this morning, I was telling the boy that we’d seen Hope Sandoval last night, trying to figure out a way to jog his memory. “Can you remember the Chemical Brothers?” “Yeah, they play fast music”

“She’s worked with them. She sings on one of your favourite songs of theirs”

“Which one?” (I love the inference, there’s more than one!)

“I’ll play it for you when you get home.”

For the record? It’s this one:

(And his all time favourite chemical brothers track is the one that precedes it: The sunshine Underground. I love my son. This is him dancing earlier in the year (when his hair was short!):


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