Never underestimate the power of a compliment

There are two words that I try to eliminate from my day-to-day speech:

Never and Should

Yet here I am saying, never, ever, ever underestimate your power to make someone else’s life a little bit more comfortable/easy/joyful. When you say nice, genuine things about another person, it’s a gorgeous reflection of who you are and putting your hope for humanity in a bite-sized chunk of speech. I was reminded of this when someone I admire greatly left a lovely comment on this here Blog and my resulting **yaaaaaay** feelings.

Oh! And there’s only one way to accept a compliment and that is………to say…….:


Do you know how hard that is? Recently, at my wondrous weekend with the phenomenal talent in the sidebar, I was complimented on two photos. And do you know what I did??? To my complete and utter embarrassment (in retrospect) I blabbered and pointed out their faults!!!!! ARGH! I have to respect other people’s opinions and accept that they mean what they say. You know, you can’t know what another person is thinking and all that???

So, thank-you for commenting. If you comment, I appreciate it, even if I haven’t quite figured out a way to thank you yet. But please know that I love when people comment and am totally in awe that anyone would be fabulous enough to take time out of their busy day to write a few kind words 🙂 And Thank-you for visiting my corner of the universe – the fact that anyone shows up to read my perspective is an amazing compliment!


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