Inspired by Goldfrapp, today 🙂 It could be that I just am so excited about the Goldfrapp concert in 2 weeks and 1 day, but it could also be the fact that this is the song that I have in my head most of the day, for heaps of reasons:

  • The phrase “I’m a believer, in your love” – yes. I believe in the love of the people around me.
  • I believe that most people are inherently good
  • I believe that people can change
  • I believe that things go up and down and that you need to ride out the lows in order to find the highs again
  • I believe that by being the person you want to be, you can change your corner of the universe one conversation at a time
  • Sometimes, I even believe in myself

I am always reminded of the story that one parent goes to work, gets screamed at for whatever reason, comes home, screams at their spouse who then screams at the little kid and then the kid kicks the dog. Did anyone else have this picture of disturbia placed in their brain as a teenager?? I try to keep it in my mind when I have a rough day teaching or something crazy happens that I get cranky at. I try to restrict what I take it out on (and there is no point in bottling it up!) – whether going for a run is a good idea, talking it through with the spouse/friend/family member or doing some mild breathing exercises. Or chocolate…..

Hope you’re all having a good day and believing in yourself out in the blogoverse, Lxxx


One thought on “Believer

  1. I believe in all of those things, and yes, I believe in you too. You have such an eloquent way of writing, please make that one thing that you don’t change ♥

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