On Wishing

I don’t believe in wishes.

There you go, I said it.

I believe in wanting things. I believe in working towards things and making things happen yourself.

I do not believe in passively sitting by and waiting for something to happen, just because you wish it to. Why should that thing that you’ve been wishing for happen? How can it if you are not working towards it?

By declaring that you want something to happen, things really start rolling. So this weekend, make something happen.

Declare it, own it, make it yours.


3 thoughts on “On Wishing

  1. Hey! I agree – wishing is whimsical but not solid.

    Wishing is fun but doing is going to really get it going.

    So, I kinda like wishing as long as that it is not all we do!

    k8 xxx

  2. I used to be a wisher. I’d sit around dreaming of things and passively hope that those dreams would somehow materialise.

    I’ve since learnt my lesson-

    I’m still a dreamer, but I no longer wish. I strive instead.

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