When seizing the day can have repercussions….

I have the BEST mother in law on the planet – try and offer suggestions as to better and I will trump you time and time again. The woman that raised my partner is amazing and taught all her boys (with her husband, of course) how to treat women beautifully (my sister in law and I are treasured spouses), be respectful and be gorgeous young men. She spoils us all and loves us as an extension of her family…. I am so fortunate to have her in my life.


I’ve been interested in learning how to skate, of late, thanks to a certain Mumma around town sprouting her interest in certain sports. Thinking that this could be fun, the family and I have snuck off to the skating rink with my mother in law for two weekends in a row to try skating. Today we all participated in the group skating lesson… and then I took a phone call. When I came back in the room, my name was being called over the PA, the boy was working out whether or not to hit the deck again and the spousie was on the rink…


A man came rushing over to me to inform me that my mother (you mean my mother in law? “Oh, you two looked like you liked each other.” “We do.”) had fallen and broken her hand. We got to her (still in skates. I skate slow and the boy is slower) and she was barely awake. I went into bossy mode “Spouse, stay with your mama. Give me her keys and phone. Boy, come with me, let’s get grandad. Go, go, go.” (Bye MIL, I’ll see you soon). We went. She went, by ambulance, to hospital.

Oi Vey. Do you have any idea how responsible I feel???? The idea of this beautiful woman being in pain is very… not right.

So, say a prayer or two, sacrafice a goat, whatever needs to happen: happen.

MIL, get better soon.


2 thoughts on “When seizing the day can have repercussions….

  1. Oh no! But I am sure she will tell you that at least she was having fun?

    You are all lucky to be surrounded by such love for each other. So lovely to read!

    Give your sweet/adventurous mum (in law) a big get well hug from us!

    k8 xx

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