The answer to what I do….

… (before I accidentally hit publish again!!!!!!)

I do not work for money(**waves** Hi ATO!). I have no job title. This is some of what I do:

  • I study part time for my postgraduate diploma in psychology – my last resort for the psych path as I played up far too much in my youth. Daily I wonder if psych is really for me, but I will finish this semester and then truly decide (for now).
  • I assist my drama teacher in entertaining the small fry at her drama studio. I am head wrangler one afternoon a week. I have so much fun and am so nervy after an afternoon teaching! My young charges are aged 5 – 9 and I have SEVENTEEN of them. I now have an assistant entertainer who is just beautiful – the children all think she is a super model 🙂
  • I am completing my ASDA in the AMEB Syllabus for Speech and Drama. Technically, I am a drama teacher. Those who have taught with me would argue that it is very, very, very technically.
  • I am the full-time chauffeur to my boys, chef several nights a week and provider of a sometimes made bed.
  • I also try to catch up with at least one friend once a week. It’s important for me to still feel connected.
  • I am learning to roller skate once a week.
  • I already hold a BA in psych and a couple of Drama certificates in AMEB and Trinity College (that my mother is way more proud of them than I am!).
  • I am also midway through a degree in business. I enjoy banking and finance more than the average housefrau and do create spreadsheets to assist in making financial decisions.  Sadly, my uni won’t let me do this degree at the same time as my current enrollment 😦
  • And then there is the photography… I do that for fun, though! Unless I can devise a marketing strategy to just photograph 4 year olds 😀

I’m a great believer in making a job title for myself…. but I haven’t found one that suits what I do except Lifetime Student… maybe…. studying drives me crazy… Suggestions???? (Seriously…..!). (What is in a name? I have no need to be defined… do I?)

(pick a cupcake…. styled by a very talented friend!)

Of late, I’ve felt rather flattened by the load I’ve taken on – not because I am overworked, but I feel bored. The things I really enjoy doing, I’m not doing in comparison to the things that I don’t really enjoy. I’ve lost sight of what I am working towards – what is my goal?

So there’s this idea of maybe, just maybe heading into the workforce again… but why should work define who I am? I’m seeking the challenge of new people, places and ideas – It’s time to cast my net a little wider.

It’s mental altitude that’s holding me back, I know that. I just feel so paralyzed about going forward. I feel I am going to fall, so I don’t take a step. It’s like me on roller skates, even super skater teacher dude last week noticed that I was terrified and had no rhythm because of it.

Solutions? Easy Solutions? I don’t think there are any. (except maybe getting over myself!)

Watch this space.


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