#1 – The boy’s birthday? He scored. He has a birthday party coming up on Saturday with 30 or so of his friends from school and beyond. I know that some of the mothers are putting in together for a games shop voucher. Which is the best idea ever for a birthday party present! His birthday cake, proper is for his birthday party. So I had intended that he have a cupcake for his cake that night… he decided that he didn’t want to put the candle in his decorated cupcake, which led to this sad looking cupcake for his cake. He did actually ask if his parents were joking (we weren’t!).

#2 – My MIL continues her recovery. She had surgery on her wrist the day after accident and is in a handy-dandy cast. She is incredible in the ways that she can count the positives.

#3 – We got our tomatoes off the vine. The largest one was 280grams! The black russian in this photo is up against a $1 coin. Massive beastie. Apparently quite tasty, too!

#4 – We have our first stalk of edible asparagus off our 2 year old crown

#5 – The workshop has come to an end. And my teacher has news. Go forth and revel in it!

Caught up. Done.


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