What I want…

(My final task in the workshop)

I want to be strong.

Strong enough to say that something doesn’t bother me.

To tell people where my line is – and not to cross it (please).

To show who I really am on the inside.

To walk the path that is in my heart, not my brain and not in anyone else’s brain for me.

More than anything else, I want my son to learn from me how strong women are, how to love and how to let go.

I’m snowed under at the moment – we have a full weekend ahead and I still have about 2,500 words to write on the Hermann grid and Operant Conditioning. I also am fighting a cold with 200 vitamin c tablets a day, lots of love and hot water with honey and lemon. And Dad’s top shelf cognac last night (shhhhh…..!).

There’s lots going on in my life and I can’t wait to share – so please be patient with me while I don my butterfly wings and come out of this cocoon…. I do take a while to get ready in the cold šŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “What I want…

  1. The boy is so lucky to have you. An Incredibly Strong Woman.
    Looking forward to seeing your wings….and I hope the cold is all gone. xx

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