Dad Day

It’s after 10:30am and I am awake.

I haven’t yet left my bed – I don’t need to. The father of my son has again spoiled me by bringing me a coffee in bed, a long glass of water and morning kisses. I love this man.

I am listening to one of my favourite albums – The Dandy Warhols “Come Down” and feeling…. feeling.

Father’s day is so mixed up in my family. Families are never really easy, though. I am the fourth child on one side of the family and the first on the other. Working out the murky colours of half sibling-ship and my place in the family is an ongoing work in progress. Come December, the little family and I will head to the city of the siblings so the boy can experience cousins. And Aunts. And an Uncle. And family on a large scale. We are all genuinely looking forward to the circus!

So… celebrating families, parenthood, daughterhood, dads, grandfathers and all today.

Thank-you for all of what you do, boys. The boy is lucky to have you (and so am I!).


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