New project alert (aka return of the phojo mojo)

(An almost workshop photo… I decided it was too homageish to the

beautiful Deb Schwedhelm and Sheye Rosemeyer)


It’s been a while. Since taking up skating, my interest in photography has waned slightly… It coincided with my 365 concluding and realising that I didn’t need (nor want) to pick up the camera every day.

I was so mistaken.

I’ve been editting photos and realised that I’m really enjoying my perspective at the moment. I like playing with pink and tones and blacks and whites. Homage to Sheye? Of course. Taking that in a different direction for me? Totally. (Thanks for your encouragement, Sheye!)

So in the spirit of moving forward and brave new steps to the future, I would like to officially announce my new project:

Darkness and Light – 365 days of shadows

aka, photographing shadows and embracing them. I’m going to be uploading to Flickr when I have the opportunity and am aiming to share here once a month or so.

Will the photos be perfect? Um…. do you really need to ask that??? I’m hoping to un-photography-school myself slightly. I got heavily influenced at the library yesterday, flicking through Max Dupain’s work (I have always loved his work….) and by Elliot Erwitt’s work (which I had never seen previously). I loved their harsh black and whites and their half smiles in their work….


So all in all, I’m okay. Experiencing a return to form, as it may be. Perhaps I feel better rested. Perhaps I needed to feel that spark… Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps…. 🙂


4 thoughts on “New project alert (aka return of the phojo mojo)

  1. Hi Lara & thank you for the comment. Was easy to click your name & pop right over here too.
    I love those b&w’s by elliot that you have shared the link simple yet impacting. I actually just processed a bunch b&w that are ready to be posted. They are all nature though. Anyways, I loved your photo in the workshop & still do. Very very moving & creative.

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