When I was 5 I announced that when I grew up, I wanted to be a lawyer.

At 10 I argued with my teacher that I was going to be a lawyer.

At 19 I actually did some law…. and despised it.

At 28 I want to work flexible hours and pick my son up from school – how much life has changed!!!!

So I’ve been waiting keenly for the sonly one to announce what he has wanted to be.

At 5 he wanted to be an olympicser, a book-library person and an archer in the olympics

At 6 – a games designer

at 7 – to fly planes in the air force.

With the first two, I smiled and nodded. With the third, I looked at him and mentally went “click”. Of all his aims so far, this one is the best fit, it’s the first one I could actually see him doing. It just fits him. So… we’ll see how long this one sticks around, maybe 8 will bring a new idea! Secretly, I had always hoped to have a child declare that they were going to do the most outlandish thing, like be a tightrope walker or be a tour guide in outer Mongolia or whatever. I think we’d deal with that, as parents, really well. But the military??? Oi Vey….

In other news, it is Sunday. Day of rest and sunshine. The boy is jumping on the trampoline with the spouse, there is a toilet being renovated (the dust! Oh my, the dust!), skating in the afternoon and preparing for the week at large. Weekends, in this lifetime, simply are not long enough. Happy Sunday, all!


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