School Holidays

(For the Marsupially challenged, that is a Wombat in a Driza-bone)

These last two weeks have been school holidays.


We have:

  • Gone on an epic play date with 12 children
  • Been to Uni
  • Had two sleepovers at Gran’s house
  • Gone to Australia Zoo
  • Visited friends on the Goldie
  • Gone to the circus
  • Attended a birthday party
  • Been Roller skating
  • Hung out with friends

It feels like catching a breath has been challenging! I am looking at the rug in the lounge, wondering exactly when it had time to change colour (We have a black rug. Two words: Never again)!

So holidays will wrap up on Tuesday and life resumes its (slightly) more regular pace. I can’t wait! Except for that Uni assignment…..


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