Is Here.

I want to ask you:

When was the last time you took a moment to compliment someone on something that they’re struggling with? I am constantly struggling with something or another (um, derby, school work, drama work, balancing the neediness of my son with the neediness of my self always wanting to do more) and when someone says something nice or even notices that I’m trying, it makes me feel great.

I always like to compliment people when I see them trying. I am so happy to see people try their best, it takes a lot of courage. Bravery isn’t always a big act, remember?

And the world always needs another hero.

And not those idiotic people who drive their car fast and cut you off, but the ones chasing a dream, hunting it down and telling the world to watch them while they do it. Or the mama bears that are coping with sleep deprivation, financial indecisions and doing their best in raising their offspring. Setting examples that with enough thought and action, anything is possible.

If you find yourself doing something hard this week, please know that there’s someone (on the other side of town, Australia, the world, the universe) quietly saying thank-you for stretching out of your comfort zone.

The world needs another hero and you’re absolutely perfect for the role.


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