Melbourne 2010, through my lens

Citigate Flinders St, Melbourne

Turkish Delight Macaroon, Queen Victoria Market

Babushka Shop, Royal Arcade

Sunshower, Flinders Street

My boys, Flinders Street Station

Brunswick Bookstore, Sydney Road



Cherry Picking, Red Hill

This is the boy with his great grandmother (one of three great-grandmothers – a benefit of having children young!), she is 88 and lives alone in Rosebud. I find her stories remarkable, she has overcome so much in her 88 years and is in near constant pain from a variety of injuries and ailments. Living in sunny (ha) QLD and having her so far away has never been a problem before this year, but we are getting to the point where the realisation has hit that we may not have this woman in our lives for too much longer… she’s not as strong as she has been.

On this particular day when we were visiting we wanted to show the spouse some of the gorgeous places around the Mornington Peninsula – Cherry Picking at Red Hill, a meander around Flinders and evening bathing at the Peninsula Hot Springs.

It was rainy and we couldn’t show him the aquamarine tones of the ocean on a clear day. We still had fun, though!

I couldn’t take photos in the springs, but it was an absolute highlight. At night everything is lit up and you travel amongst all the different temperature pools. Lovely. We were here for about 2.5 hours, the boy was comfortable, we made sure he had breaks from the heat and lots and lots and lots of fresh water. He thinks going back in the day time would be awesome, too. Next year, maybe.

All in all, it was a fun, busy, crazy day, just the way we like them 😉

My favourite

Not perfect, I know. 6 second exposure, kids.

The person on the far left is my brother. And then his daughter, my niece, my son and then my eldest nephew. There is 6 weeks separating the two littlies. They have hung out with each other 3 times in their lifetime.

We were at a proper country fair, watching fireworks. My niece eventually fell asleep that night snuggled up to my boy after talking sweetly about all things important at age 7. It was exceedingly cool to be that close in age AND both be awesome AND be related, apparently.

Even in an ideal world, I could not ask for more good or more special.

Sydney – 2010 – Through my lens


We went to Sydney. The spouse had his 3rd conference in the city in the third year in a row in school holidays. We all went.

We’ve stuck close to the tourist route in previous years with favourite places being Sticky, the MCA, The Underground Pool and Hyde Park. This year I was eager (desperate!) to find odd places in Sydney. This time we stayed in Kings Cross (as we did the first time we took the boy to Sydney – at 10 months of age), made it to Rockdale and explored. Walked 3 million kilometres…

My favourite day in Sydney was our last full one. We went to the MCA, but they had only an Annie Leibowitz exhibition on. Oddly, I didn’t feel in the right frame of mind to go, so we missed the gallery this year. Sticky took the boy’s attention for 45 minutes as we watched candy come into being… and then we hopped on a ferry to Milson’s point and hung out in Wendy Whitely’s secret garden for several hours. Wendy established the garden from nothing – it didn’t even belong to her, it belonged to the railways. She tamed it and has made it a garden to be lost in for hours at a time. The boy found another child sharing his name and they played chase in the avenues of the garden for ages.

This was my view in the garden – We were only there 2 hours!!!!

We were playing pokemon – honestly, I should have remembered the camera and not made a face!

The spouse joined us post conference and we hopped on another ferry to Balmain. This was the view from the ferry:

Don’t hate me.

Then, of course, we caught the bus up the hill to eat at the legendary patissier Adriano Zumbo‘s patissierie! I ordered the mandarin curd tart, the boy had a milo concoction and the spouse had a berry and custard brioche. Nom, Nom, Nom.


We then meandered and had dinner with the spouse’s Sydney based cousin who has recently bought her first house! Yay her! We were disturbed by a woman at the table next to us who drunkenly told me her stories. I was raw after that one. First the garden, such a story of love, then this woman telling me about her loves and her family…. The trip was about my relationships with my son, my partner and my self. I’m moving forward… but wait ’til I share the insanity that Melbourne provoked….

Awesome times. These are the things worth remembering. The cuddles under the tree, the food, the company. The heat, the love, the fun, the adventuring. The boy was an excellent sport through it all…

I might share more of Sydney… I have better photos… I really want to share my passion of the street art… but, really? This is the important stuff. This is what I want to remember.