Cherry Picking, Red Hill

This is the boy with his great grandmother (one of three great-grandmothers – a benefit of having children young!), she is 88 and lives alone in Rosebud. I find her stories remarkable, she has overcome so much in her 88 years and is in near constant pain from a variety of injuries and ailments. Living in sunny (ha) QLD and having her so far away has never been a problem before this year, but we are getting to the point where the realisation has hit that we may not have this woman in our lives for too much longer… she’s not as strong as she has been.

On this particular day when we were visiting we wanted to show the spouse some of the gorgeous places around the Mornington Peninsula – Cherry Picking at Red Hill, a meander around Flinders and evening bathing at the Peninsula Hot Springs.

It was rainy and we couldn’t show him the aquamarine tones of the ocean on a clear day. We still had fun, though!

I couldn’t take photos in the springs, but it was an absolute highlight. At night everything is lit up and you travel amongst all the different temperature pools. Lovely. We were here for about 2.5 hours, the boy was comfortable, we made sure he had breaks from the heat and lots and lots and lots of fresh water. He thinks going back in the day time would be awesome, too. Next year, maybe.

All in all, it was a fun, busy, crazy day, just the way we like them 😉


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