Truth, above all things.

If I were to edit a photo, this is how I would edit it. Black, white, desaturated, filters….

It’s emotive, maybe? It’s pretty, I like it.

But, those layers… they’re like onion skins. They conceal a lot. They show a version of the truth, sometimes a vision of what I see, rather than what is there… And sometimes it is protection. I don’t know what “style” of photography is “mine”…

At the moment, I am trying to strip back some of the layers in life and with the camera. I am actually quite happy at present – I made it up a level in derby, I have a happy and healthy son at school, things are well with the spouse, there have been many babies born this year and more to come (yay!) – the year is filled with promise. I still speak rashly, unwisely, insipidly and slip in the same banal topics that are floating in my head… Errors. Gosh. To not make so many rash errors in 2011 would be an ace goal.

So as I strip the layers, I acknowledge that I am doing my best, that I am not perfect, that I will try my best again the next day. I am growing stronger, I am building foundations, I am actively working on being comfortable in this (slightly) saggy skin of mine.  I agonise over being in this moment in this day and realise that I cannot be mindful every moment of the day. I will make errors.

And that’s the truth, above all things.

As they are.

A n d   I ‘ m   o k a y   w i t h   t h a t .


One thought on “Truth, above all things.

  1. You have a way of writing that I totally relate to. This post could have been written about me [minus the roller derby thing]. Here’s to peeling back the layers, to not being perfect and to doing our best. And, YAY for moving up a level in roller derby 🙂

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