My Vintage Closet

After the 2010 no shopping for clothes resolution (I only broke this when I was in Sydney and Melbourne. Nothing will keep me from shopping there. Ever. Illness, broken bones, broken budgets may try to interfere, but I will not be defeated!), I have been shopping up a little storm, moving my fashion selections in a slightly different direction. More vintage, more classic, more playful.

So I’ve added an extra category and aim to share some of my vintage stash with the wide, wide world. It’s too fabulous as a collection not to!

Item #1 – the piece that broke the clothing ban. Bought in Rockdale, Sydney at a Vinnies for a staggering $8. It’s a contemporary piece from…. Valleygirl! {I know… not “really” vintage…. but obviously vintage inspired!)


My mother-in-law is assisting in the clean out of my grandma-in-law’s house. This home is a treasure trove for vintage-seeking magpies. The joy of being the only daughter in law in Australia is that I do get to share in the bounty (but I do make sure there are treasures left for the other fabulous daughter in law, too!!!!!). So these have come to my ownership:




So… welcome to My Vintage Closet! As I find willing people to hold cameras as I wear the vintage corner of my cupboard, I’ll share…  And the added bits and doodads along the way!






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