Lamb (My soul finds its resting place)

I first heard Gorecki on triple J the year it came out.

Pause. Listen. Feel the power:


In 1999 I was doing a play and a kid mentioned that they had the lamb albums. I exclaimed that I LOVED lamb, but hadn’t been able to track the albums down. I scored the albums.

In 2002 they came to Australia. I travelled to Sydney with the then boyfriend, now spouse, and saw them live from a seat in the heavens. I was in rapture.


2004 saw them play the last livid festival. The baby, now the boy, was exclusively breastfed and refused a bottle. I did not go.

2010 saw them play in Brisvegas, but that part of the year was a hard part for us with having to deal with all sorts of things… so we missed out.

2010 saw the announcement that they would play Brisbane again. It took roughly a millisecond for me to get excited.

2011 – WOW.

Mind = BLOWN.

So much stronger than in 2002… so much better. Absolutely brilliant. I had standing room in the front row and I danced for an hour and a half. The banter was sweet, Lou Rhode’s vocals were INCREDIBLE and Bandy Arlow came to life. Andy Barlow is the genius (and I do not use that lightly) in the beat section, he turns into Bandy Arlow during the show. He is wild and hard to capture in pictures.

The moment the bass started…. you could feel it in your body. I couldn’t breathe deeply because the bass had infiltrated so far – for the record, an incredible feeling. Little things started the set, followed by an incredible live rendition of Transfatty Acid…. and on and on and on. There were three new songs (yay!) and about three songs that I was sad that weren’t played.

John Thorne, Bass player extraordinaire rocked the corner of the stage closest to me:

His bow stand was creative, comprising of a screwdriver, mic stand and gaff:

One little known fact, unless you’ve been to a gig of theirs before or are a crazy fan and own the albums, is that the music isn’t always sweet. It isn’t always Gorecki or Angelica – there is some satisying rawness to this band… And sometimes the kids rock out, like Lou here:

That’s Lou with her guitar getting into the music.


Thank-you so much to the spouse for taking me out, the band for giving so much of themselves and to the fans who allow them to continue touring. I was a little kid in a candy shop who jumped, clapped, sang along and danced – lots. So much fun, I can’t wait for the next one!



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