How deep is your black and white? {An afternoon on the beach}

These are the last of the beach photos… fo’ shure. 

Taken using Kodak 400 TMY-2, aka non C-41 Black and white. 

First things, when at the beach for an afternoon, you need supplies. In this bag were afternoon snacks, yes that is my hat and yes I loved this book:



My reading companion:


The beach:


My loves: 


The double exposure was accidental as I got hit by a freakish wave and still had a finger on the shutter. In my haste to save the camera and put it up as high as I could, I hit the shutter. 

In the move to film I am learning how stressful it is to not be able to see your images, to be more conservative in the way I shoot and to be more patient. Sadly, I wanted to get rid of the holga (originally it was purchased for a friend)… yet I love the depth of this black and white. I’m not so sure now…

I have a fridge full of film (Ilford 400, Kodax 400 TX and Fuji Velvia)… an awesome camera and a beautiful 50mm lens… I am so excited by these big brave steps! Fingers crossed that the next film has something exciting on it!



The rest of our Coast trip

Ice-cream is essential for any beach trip:

I live with these two expressions on a daily basis. Please note the dimples that allow him everything he wants:

The beach, the beach, the beach. It was rough… I was rarely ever dressed properly for it! On the first day we were walking along the beach to get to the heart of Surfers and got sidelined by the water… hence me getting surprised by the waves. I took the Holga to the beach, too… I have to process that film!

We went for derby. Our league was defeated by a wee bit… still good fun, though:

And we had breakfast at a fave cafe, spent much time at timezone (really! I have the high score on two games of this bang the crocodile on the head game. Much goodness.), I bought another vintage dress and lazed about. Super fun.

The Second Day in May, 2011

We’ve just returned from a weekend at the beach.

Today marks 29 days until winter.

The ocean was 24 degrees Celsius (75.2 degrees Fahrenheit).

I hadn’t intended to swim. I’m in this photo – the one wearing trousers and a long shirt. The boy is wearing his day to day wear, too.

When the water is that warm, you hop in. You enjoy it. You savour it. You never know when it will happen again.

I will share more of the weekend, soon.

I’m moving over to film, slowly. So there is a roll to be developed…

(oh the patience!!!!!)