How deep is your black and white? {An afternoon on the beach}

These are the last of the beach photos… fo’ shure. 

Taken using Kodak 400 TMY-2, aka non C-41 Black and white. 

First things, when at the beach for an afternoon, you need supplies. In this bag were afternoon snacks, yes that is my hat and yes I loved this book:



My reading companion:


The beach:


My loves: 


The double exposure was accidental as I got hit by a freakish wave and still had a finger on the shutter. In my haste to save the camera and put it up as high as I could, I hit the shutter. 

In the move to film I am learning how stressful it is to not be able to see your images, to be more conservative in the way I shoot and to be more patient. Sadly, I wanted to get rid of the holga (originally it was purchased for a friend)… yet I love the depth of this black and white. I’m not so sure now…

I have a fridge full of film (Ilford 400, Kodax 400 TX and Fuji Velvia)… an awesome camera and a beautiful 50mm lens… I am so excited by these big brave steps! Fingers crossed that the next film has something exciting on it!



One thought on “How deep is your black and white? {An afternoon on the beach}

  1. The double exposure is cool! I think I’ve just learnt how ‘ghost’ photos are taken 😛 does look super cool 🙂

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