Holga, Baby.

This is Slide film (oops) loaded through the holga. One thing I love about using film is the surprise of finding out WHAT you’ve actually taken photos of… I mean, really? This stuff? Not classic portraits… just… ordinary life. In my house, life is anything but ordinary, of course….


I’m also being less persnickety. I could have edited out the (messy) background in the photo of the boy and his bubbles, that bit of tree in the corner of the bonsai… on and on. But why? I’m trying to go back, get things right in camera and let go of my reliance on photo shop… and perfection. And speaking as a perfectionist – do you know how hard that is?


And guess what? I have two black and white films waiting to be developed… by me. Oh, Em, Geeeeeee whiz! ARGH! Bathroom chemistry!!!!!!!!


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