Day 5| From a high angle

When I look at my feet, I see this roughly 10% of the time… that’s how many hours a week these babies get worn. See how the toes are all white? That’s from falling… lots. My laces are coated in white dust from the skate rink, my laces get torn all the time. Fishnets are not actually a fashion accessory, they make getting up off the rink a possibility. See, when you fall, your skin wants to stay on the concrete… and with enough momentum your skin stays in that spot while the rest of your body moves, resulting in rink rash. I have a bruise on my thigh at the moment from not controlling my angles and steps enough…


Is it worth it? Yes, yes it is. My body is the strongest it has *ever* been. I am surrounded by some tremendous people. I’ve found something I love.

And when I have a break through skate day? I can believe I can do anything.














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