Day 11| Something Blue

I had two photos to use today…



My split personality in action again! Happily, they’re the only photos I took, too. And I reasonably happy with both!

I’m finding that this photo challenge is not just opening up the photos in my head, but the words. The words have been blocked for a few months… there’s a wee bit going on behind the scenes here.

And now, I’m watching one of my favourite epic movies – that would be Kill Bill… so wrong and so right. If I could have the Bride as my derby name, I so, so, so would!

(I can hear someone laughing out loud from here…)



3 thoughts on “Day 11| Something Blue

  1. Weirdest thing – went out for coffee/dinner with Belinda last night and we were talking about Kill Bill! And the fact that I can’t/don’t watch particularly violent movies, nor any horror movies.

    You two are a little weird with the whole in sync thing…

    (Also, yes, I am laughing out loud from here. In any poll, I will vote for ‘The Bride’ unless something else is TRULY awesome).

    What is the blue grate thing? I thought you were taking a photo of the super old-school car that’s down the road…

  2. I was going to use the car, but ultimately decided to obey the lens πŸ™‚

    The grate isn’t a grate, they are the handles on Big W trolleys πŸ™‚

    And seriously, you’d cheer for the bride if you weren’t Reffing?? I dunno…

  3. Hell yes I’d cheer for the bride! And make a poster saying ‘The Bride is MY bride!’

    Also, where is day 12? Missing 😦

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