K.O. Project

Dear Master K,

When your mama contacted me and asked the question, I hesitated. Was I ready to shoot someone who wasn’t family? Who was a grown up, who was at a really special stage of their life?

It was the last question that made me say yes.

When I saw her, I almost cried. She is truly amazing, your mama. So wrapped up in love with her two boys.

When you listen, people tell you what they want to see in their photos. Your mama’s brief was simple: no double chins and a bump in the right spot. She warned me that she doesn’t take nice photos.

Really, that’s what she said. I can see when she closes her eyes, she is thinking of the special times to come.

But really, she’s all about the bump. When your mama looked down at 28 weeks, this is what she saw:

The day we were shooting, the light was playing havoc. Too bright, too light, too dark. The sun popped out for moments, like this. I made your mother jump in the garden, she’s an awesome sport, didn’t even hesitate.

Your mama is really, really, really creative. The way she sees the world is through creative lenses, with a sense of humour to make life really interesting. That’s why we were in the grounds of GoMA, a symbol of the creative element of her.

What a phenomenally beautiful mama ❤


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