I’m having fun at the moment.

Life is good. I’m shooting film, until I process I’m rather low on photos.

I’m talking to lots of people. In my 28 things about 28, I said that when you think you can love no more, there is more love to be had. Love is not finite, isn’t that amazing? So I add more people to my life and my heart DOES get bigger. I become a better person from learning about others. I have a small life in that I don’t “work”, “study” or “volunteer”. The thing is though, I do every single one of those things in my community of friends, family and acquaintances.  I bet you do, too.

I’m in the process of writing more in-depth about motivation + happiness and all that (aka, study), which is interesting and sensible and all of that. I work with my son, I am working on a new business (soon, k?) and I am working towards being a better person (by my standards, not the rest of the world’s). I volunteer by offering my ears and my loud laugh to many situations and friends. I laugh quite easily.

I had a rough week last week… I was on the fragile side of things. I’ve come through the other side, now. I feel stronger for having been weak as I know that I can come back from having tough days, now. There was a time in my life where having a spate of tough times would have had me on the shower floor sobbing for all I didn’t have. I still have rough days, but they don’t turn into rough months as easily. I know that things pass… when things are bad, they will get better.

I keep coming back to the fact, though, that I am supremely connected at the moment. To my feet (and the ground), my head (and the sky) and my arms (my heart). So much to be grateful for.

(Shot on the Nikon F5 using expired Kodak 400 film with a Holga lens)


Stillness. Movement. Underwater.

After wanting an underwater camera for… yonks. We finally have one. An Olympus Tough… Tough enough to handle a dark indoor swimming pool in the middle of winter.


Day 27| From far away

Shot as we near the end of the days where he will happily sit in the trolley for the first part of grocery shopping. I don’t think we have too much more left of this time… and it’s sad.

He’s nearing 8, now. He is independent, set him something to read and he’ll do it. He may struggle over 6 syllable words, but don’t we all? He can make a cup of tea and 2 minute noodles. He’s big.

I love him.