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Proof of Life

The little family is house sitting on a hill, at the moment. It has been delightful!

I have made a new best friend:

And then there is this face, who can say no?

There’s another kitty, too. He’s beautiful and strong – proud, too:

And enough natural light, that I find myself wanting to eat it with a spoon:

We’re loving our time on this side of the river… despite never having lived on this side (and yeah, in Brisbane, you pick your side of the river – rarely do people move back and forth across them!), we’re kinda liking it.

Here’s to more adventures tomorrow!

Spring’s afternoon (mulberry picking 2011)

For the rest of my life, I know some of the images of love that I shall carry in my mind, my heart and my soul. The ones of my twenties are diverse, but they feature my boys. Yesterday was a hot Spring’s afternoon that we spent picking mulberries, kicking a ball around and making the beginnings of Mulberry Pie.

These are what I carry:


The fruit tree is laden this year… amazing crop!
Someone was kicking mulberries around the yard…

Part of the harvest

The weather is hot, dry and smoky. I am loving it. Summer 2011-2012, bring it on, baby!

At the beginning of the day, I knew I had to text someone so that they had my digits. I had volunteered to be on driving duty for a friend hopping (literally) out of hospital. I messaged and got ready.

I drove up streets that I rarely drive on. In an area of town that is more interesting than mine. Considering I live in white bread land (where everything is homogeneous, pasteurised and hermetically sealed), pretty much any other part of town is interesting!!!! I patted a guinea pig!!!

So I discovered another op shop… and brought these home:

I also bumped into a girl I do derby with. Odd. This doesn’t happen. Highlight: the two of us scratching about in our purses to see how much shrapnel we had. I had to raid the car and pay for my $1.50’s worth of goodies in a combination of 20, 10 and five cent coins. Many, many fives.

And then… I found THIS in an op shop:

They are rare as Hen’s teeth in oppies, these days. I decided then and there that it was going to be given to the spouse… because he’s been eyeing them off for a while, too. And the impossible project is completely and utterly alluring. So I decided to go to our yokel bricks + mortar store for film…

The roads were weird. Not a lot of traffic. And then I saw a cop parked on the side of the road. I thought it was because of an accident, oh no… Then a procession of cop cars came up the road, followed by a hearse. I briefly wondered which prominent politician had died… then more hearses turned the corner. 6 in total. It was the funeral procession from last month’s house fire that claimed the lives of eleven family members.

With all that had come before and after, I feel humbled. Last week also marked two years since the passing of a friend. A friend whose birthday will (hopefully) become my derby number. 242. A beautiful symmetry to it, non?

This last month has also welcomed four new babies into my life – Frankie, Pixie, Kael and Mia. Life is good. I love other people’s babies:

I know… swings and roundabouts…… Life continues on in mysterious ways.




It’s Spring! Nearly Summer! I love summer so much – long days, lazy afternoons and warmth. I’m getting myself ready for it… the garden is being tended to, the rooms are being cleaned. I’ll swap the winter wardrobe out for the summer one within the fortnight…

I went shopping today – retail therapy. I had an exam yesterday and I don’t think I’ve passed. My way of coping? A skate yesterday and some shopping today. I feel much better, although a little underwhelmed by the idea that I may have to repeat the exam.


It does mean that this came home with me:

I spotted this and knew that it was coming home. It’s a…. punch bowl! Perfectly imperfect, right down to the unusual colour. I’m probably going to use the bowl as a place to store miscellaneous items, but how could I resist? The cups! Oh my, the cups!

Blue, green and yellow. LOVE.


And the Nikon and I are bonding. I’ve been looking for colours like this in my photography for yonks, now I have them. The D7000 is amazing!





I am numb.

The shock of holding my 8 year old child in my arms is arresting.


He is not a little boy any longer, but on his way to being big. He is a child, still, with the trappings of a contemporary first world child around him. He has been plugged into his DS since yesterday afternoon thanks to the arrival of a game he has wanted for months. I have made him stay in bed, today. He’s got a cough and is sooky. “If you’re sick, you stay in bed.”

He acquiesced. He is sick.

I’ve hung out with him, pondering if the addition of another year actually makes a difference. It doesn’t, really. It just confirms this progression of time.


I am running out of times to pick him up and spin him, tickle him and blow raspberries on his tummy. I am running out of times that he will tell me he loves me in public. And times where he will hold my hand. Time seems… cruel.

Today, I hold him close and smell him. He smells. Kinda gross. But he’s him still.

I can see the shadow of the person he is growing into, his sense of humor is established. He is generous in his words and actions, most of the time. He still cries when things don’t go his way. He loves pokemon, lego, reading, maths, science and his pets.

I am trying to move on faster than him, so he doesn’t ever realise that I am sad, mournful almost, of letting my little boy go… and be grateful of the fact that he is here, in this moment, present. I am so, so, lucky.

Happy 8 years, dearest one.

(written on August 17. Photo taken September 10, Nikon D7000)