It’s Spring! Nearly Summer! I love summer so much – long days, lazy afternoons and warmth. I’m getting myself ready for it… the garden is being tended to, the rooms are being cleaned. I’ll swap the winter wardrobe out for the summer one within the fortnight…

I went shopping today – retail therapy. I had an exam yesterday and I don’t think I’ve passed. My way of coping? A skate yesterday and some shopping today. I feel much better, although a little underwhelmed by the idea that I may have to repeat the exam.


It does mean that this came home with me:

I spotted this and knew that it was coming home. It’s a…. punch bowl! Perfectly imperfect, right down to the unusual colour. I’m probably going to use the bowl as a place to store miscellaneous items, but how could I resist? The cups! Oh my, the cups!

Blue, green and yellow. LOVE.


And the Nikon and I are bonding. I’ve been looking for colours like this in my photography for yonks, now I have them. The D7000 is amazing!





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