At the beginning of the day, I knew I had to text someone so that they had my digits. I had volunteered to be on driving duty for a friend hopping (literally) out of hospital. I messaged and got ready.

I drove up streets that I rarely drive on. In an area of town that is more interesting than mine. Considering I live in white bread land (where everything is homogeneous, pasteurised and hermetically sealed), pretty much any other part of town is interesting!!!! I patted a guinea pig!!!

So I discovered another op shop… and brought these home:

I also bumped into a girl I do derby with. Odd. This doesn’t happen. Highlight: the two of us scratching about in our purses to see how much shrapnel we had. I had to raid the car and pay for my $1.50’s worth of goodies in a combination of 20, 10 and five cent coins. Many, many fives.

And then… I found THIS in an op shop:

They are rare as Hen’s teeth in oppies, these days. I decided then and there that it was going to be given to the spouse… because he’s been eyeing them off for a while, too. And the impossible project is completely and utterly alluring. So I decided to go to our yokel bricks + mortar store for film…

The roads were weird. Not a lot of traffic. And then I saw a cop parked on the side of the road. I thought it was because of an accident, oh no… Then a procession of cop cars came up the road, followed by a hearse. I briefly wondered which prominent politician had died… then more hearses turned the corner. 6 in total. It was the funeral procession from last month’s house fire that claimed the lives of eleven family members.

With all that had come before and after, I feel humbled. Last week also marked two years since the passing of a friend. A friend whose birthday will (hopefully) become my derby number. 242. A beautiful symmetry to it, non?

This last month has also welcomed four new babies into my life – Frankie, Pixie, Kael and Mia. Life is good. I love other people’s babies:

I know… swings and roundabouts…… Life continues on in mysterious ways.



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