Derby Digits

In my derby league, you have to wait until you’re a level before bouting before you can select your playing number. I picked my number a long, long, long time ago and have kept it in my mind ready to go for when I reached this level. All my fingers and toes have been crossed that someone else didn’t take the number…

And here I am.

Yesterday the number became mine!

Why I picked 242:

In 2009 a girl that shared a name with me passed away, I’ve talked about her a lot on here… so you can find out more by hunting the archives… but the 24th of February was her birthday. So now it’s my number.

It reminds me that I don’t know how long I am here for or what will come next. That there is no certainty in this life and to make the most of what I have, while I have it.

I didn’t expect that receiving confirmation would actually make me quite as emotional as it has, seeing it on my shirts is probably going to make me cry.

Of course, there are added bonuses to the number that make me love it more:

Refs struggle to call numbers that begin and end with the same digits – meaning less penalties (hopefully! Must stop back blocking)

And the symmetry to it. I love the symmetry.

And one of my fave people in our league has the number 42 – so I feel super cool by 42 association.

So yes, happy days!


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