In honor of that one, you know, that land mark.

It started in a dodgy pub.

This thing that has grown and changed.

Neither of us thought that we’d survive, well maybe he did, but I didn’t. I couldn’t understand why it was me, didn’t think that I was right for him, was going to travel…

Sometimes, I’m wrong.

So, here we are.

An eight year old son, strange living conditions, a dog, a cat, a bird, a mortgage, a car – all the trappings of grown-up hood, but somehow it still feels as if I’m 19 and he’s 21 and we’re discovering all the world has to offer.

Love you, lover.

Thank-you for all these years.


A version of family at GoMA

I love the gallery of Modern art.

Art, to me, is about feeling, exploring, analysing, thinking, enjoying, touching, creating…. all those verbs and more. The fact that they are verbs imply that art is an activity requiring participation – it isn’t passive. When I’m meandering through the gallery, I am interacting with my space, what fills it and how it affects me.

Upon walking into this room we all squealed and went “ooooh!”

I once went to the MCA in Sydney and they had a whole floor of inflatables. That was fun.

This is the 2nd time that this activity has been in the gallery… this time it is a much larger scale.

We don’t spend the whole day at the gallery or arts precinct… we just chill for a little while and then move along. It seems to work well for us! Can’t wait to explore the Matisse exhibition!



I started “dating” the spouse as a crazy 19 year old and when he was 21.

He turned 31 this week, almost a whole decade spent with me.

He has loved, supported, chased after and led me. He’s my best friend – the one I can say anything to and he listens… He’s a really, really, really good guy – despite running on the barest minimum of sleep.

Add to the fact that he’s a tremendous father, one of the cleverest people I have ever met, has a truly wicked sense of humor… and I wonder why on Earth he settled with me…

But sometimes, you just have to accept that good things happen for no apparent reason and enjoy the ride.

Happy Birthday to the most incredible partner I could have ever wished for! Yay for Pharlap/Cap’n Oblivious/Totes Inapropes!

Edited to add: a picture of boy + mini boy: