A version of family at GoMA

I love the gallery of Modern art.

Art, to me, is about feeling, exploring, analysing, thinking, enjoying, touching, creating…. all those verbs and more. The fact that they are verbs imply that art is an activity requiring participation – it isn’t passive. When I’m meandering through the gallery, I am interacting with my space, what fills it and how it affects me.

Upon walking into this room we all squealed and went “ooooh!”

I once went to the MCA in Sydney and they had a whole floor of inflatables. That was fun.

This is the 2nd time that this activity has been in the gallery… this time it is a much larger scale.

We don’t spend the whole day at the gallery or arts precinct… we just chill for a little while and then move along. It seems to work well for us! Can’t wait to explore the Matisse exhibition!



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