My Vintage Closet – The graphic Mod dress

I’m guess this number is probably an 80’s interpretation of the 60’s.

I saw it a while back and it was one of those moments where I knew it was coming home with me. The dress has been lovingly tended to since coming home as it had gathered a large number of age spots.

All these photos were taken while I was engrossed in a phone call with one of my favourite partners in crime. You know that person who you say things like “I’m having a party” and they go “how big can we go?”… she’s one of those amazing people.

As an aside to that ramble, I got asked the other day if I had come up with a list of attributes that I wanted my partner to have. Apparently this is a reasonably common thing for girls to do… Of course, I haven’t. I sort of did for the people I wanted in my life… I’ve always liked slightly different souls to surround me. And I totally have that now.

As another funny thing… I seriously didn’t know these photos were being taken… it was a surprise in downloading the memory card this morning. This one made me laugh out loud as almost all the time that I am standing about I am now standing on one foot! Ha!


Dream Catcher

Setting: A bedroom in the suburbs. A 20 something year old woman lies beside her partner, a 30 something, in their bed. It is dark. It is the middle of the night. The two are snoring peacefully.

Son Enters.


Big, ugly tears.

Son: I’ve had a bad dream.

The son shakes and cries. He is unable to voice what the dream was about. He snuggles into his father’s arms.

He spends the next half hour crying out that he cannot sleep, that his dream was terrifying.

The shaking continues.

He is held, he is comforted.

He goes to sleep.

He doesn’t talk about the stress of the night before until just going to bed the following night. He is found typing into Dr. Google “How to stop nightmares”.

Emergency response: Dream catchers.

The family sits down to make dream catchers at bed time, telling stories of where each individual piece has come from. This one holds a unicorn necklace (the mother’s totem animal, for sure), a feather from the family bird, a feather from a trip to the beach and another from a family picnic. The beads have been sourced from community stores, friends and trips to the bead store.

Stories are woven into the dream catcher. Times of good, times of laughter, times to replace the nightmares.

This one holds an Easter story, working with clay together, a heart to represent the love in the family and blue and green beads to symbolise the calmness of the sea.

It worked. No bad dreams and a sleepy boy.

{Sweet dreams, beautiful boy}


Long days

Balmy nights



Trying to make the most of the season

Tallebudgera Creek

Underwater. Chasing Fish.

Big Fish. Little Fish. A whole new world under water.

Taken with the Olympus Tough TG-310

Truth (as variable as that is)

I love the work of a lot of photographers.

I’m not going to name names, but there are lots of them.

I found myself meandering through Downtown West End today and thinking that I could take a photo of something from a certain angle and then it would be remarkably similar to one of those photographer’s works.

I didn’t.

Somehow my style has morphed into what is in trend, but clunkier. I haven’t been shooting that long, I don’t put the hours in that would make me jump in skill level… but the thing is that I don’t want people to look at my work and say “oh, that’s like so + so’s” (although I kinda secretly wish they would. Oh, recognition!). I want to look at what I produce and say that it is a true reflection of how I saw the world at that moment in time.

How I see, not someone else, not someone else’s vision, but my own.

Another person isn’t there, in the same state that I am or anything like that.

It is me, therefore I am attempting to find my voice and perspective through the lens, not anyone else’s.

So, anyway… after that rant,

Morning tea, West End style with two of my favourite people:

Orange Valencia cake in my tummy

Damn bike riding hipster cliche.

The brew. I’m still not back on dairy 100%. Cheese, yes, milk no.

See this lady? She’s awesome. She’s one of the boy’s God mamas and one of the friends that has stayed in my life for over 20 years. I know. OMG. Patient soul.

The windows are open.

I think Summer may (finally) be here.


One of my favourite lines from Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton’s) is “you seem to have lost much of your muchness.” There is so much in that one simple line that I have come to relate to.

In chatting to my beloved grand daughter (don’t ask) this week, she was saying that she was over waiting for something amazing to happen to her… that the wait was over — she’s chasing the amazing.

I mean, seriously. Who isn’t waiting for something?

So in honor of the thoughts that are racing through my head at the moment, I’m going to put some thoughts out there about how 2012 can kiss my beautiful speckled rump:

– I am establishing my very own etsy store. Oooooooooooh! It shall be open once I’ve picked a colour scheme (harder than it sounds!).

– I am going to continue the fitness journey and hit the running harder. I love running and my partner surprised me with the gift of headphones over Christmas so that I could run to high paced music, rather than the horrible morning shows that are on at the gym in the morning.

– It is an austerity year – so we’ll be looking at cutting a lot of unnecessary spending. After emptying my son’s room prior to Christmas, I have realised the amount of stuff that is accumulating in our lives that serves limited purpose is extraordinarily large and making no significant contribution to the happiness in our home. Not only is it disturbing from a spending perspective, but an environmental and emotional, too.

– And I want to go back to reading more. I’ve been dipping my little toes in of late and I feel much better. In fact, a book club could be fun…

It feels nice to be closer to being on track to something, rather than optimistically waiting for something good to happen.

I mean, something good IS going to happen.

It’s going to happen because I am going to make it happen.

And in honor of our boy *finally* having his hair cut.

Cutie Patootie!

Happy New Year, all, let’s make it something fantastic!